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Terra & Knight

After 22 years of the military lifestyle Stan and I decided it was time to start planning on where we wanted to live when Stan retired. We wanted to move out in the country so we bought a home in Yelm WA with a beautiful view of Mount Rainier. We were divided in our opinions of use for our 5 acres. As the decision process was taking place, I slowly began expanding our overgrown yard with each mowing. Eventually, Stan made a walking trail for me around the perimeter of the property. We also built a fire pit so we can sit outside in the evenings and enjoy the sounds of nature and country living.

Our alpaca adventure began the summer of 2008 when Stan & I took our vacation to Forks, WA to hike some trails in the Olympic Mountains. Despite what you are all thinking, our trip took place just before the whole Twilight frenzy. On our drive to Forks we noticed several alpaca farms. This created some intellectual conversations on what is the purposed of an alpaca and what do you do with it? Upon our return to our home in Yelm, I vigorously began my research. My first source of information was from our daughter that was in college. Her reply was you make sweaters from them. Of course I doubted her and asked how do you know that? Her reply was “mom it is on The Emperor’s New Groove.” After that I really needed to hit the internet and do my own research. Stan graciously accompanied me to some farm days and ever since then, I was hooked. Amazingly enough, I am now spinning my own fiber and knitting my first alpaca sweater.

After a year of wavering on the purchase, we finally agreed to purchase 2 bred Suri females. This was going to be my project while Stan was deployed for a year. I am married to the most awesome man alive for he spent his 2 weeks leave prior to deploying putting up my fencing. Not to mention all the ridicule he received from the guys in his unit. Is that true love or what ? It is amazing the difference in my life since we brought our alpaca’s home. Stan and his unit have returned safely from their deployment and now he is retired from the military after 24 yrs of service. So now our new adventure begins together.

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